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So again, Daily activities which include sitting and standing apply pressure or compress the disc. Activities such as laying down allow the this pressure to be released. Spinal decompression and Traction to the spine take it a step further further decompressing the spine and disc creating a negative pressure allowing the disc to bring in more nutrients into itself and essentientially "breathe".  This also relieves any pressure on the nerve roots themselves and thus symptoms such as arm or leg pain, tingling and so forth.

Research indicates that the disc is responsible for a s of significant amount of problems in relation to Neck and Back pain. The Disc does not contain a blood supply past the age of adolescence so unlike most other structures of the body it does not receive oxygen and nutrients with every beat of the heart. It receives it's nutrient through a process of diffusion which occurs through compression and decompression of the disc. This allows for the bringing in of and pushing out of water and nutrients and waste similar to squeezing a sponge and then letting go.
Once our chiropractors locate and detect areas of the concern, then our chiropractors will utilize Spinal Decompression and Traction along with chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy modalities, therapeutic stretches and exercises to correct the underlying cause of the problem. Then our chiropractors will send you home with a home decompression and traction unit to be used continuously at your leisure and convenience throughout life which is much more beneficial than spending a large amount of money on  handful of  decompression sessions that only last a short period of time.
Spinal decompression and traction allows for stretching or decompressing the disc allowing it to bring nutrients into it as well as rehydrating it. This occurs by creating a negative pressure, decompression, which is opposite to positive pressure, compression, which occurs mostly through out our days with anything weight bearing such as prolonged sitting or standing. Herniated Disc
Our chiropractors utilize Spinal Decompression and Traction to attain optimal long lasting results as well as achieve the highest quality of life.

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